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Date of article Article title
2017/12/07 Date of Liability of First Registration (versus Date of Manufacture)
2017/10/25 Sir Henry Royce by Mike Gilchrist
2017/09/27 Accessories for Standard Triumph Cars in the Fifties
2017/09/26 Engine output/Litre (kW/Litre) by Mike Gilchrist
2017/04/16 Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa Concours Definitions
2014/09/27 TR7 40th anniversary. (YouTube link) Time lapse of the Triumph TR7 40th anniversary taken in Pretoria, South Africa. Thanks to members of the Pretoria Triumph Sports Car Club, and to members from Kwa-Zulu Natal, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Nelspruit.
2014/05/15-18 2014 Mille Miglia Storica in Italy - Mille Miglia of “The Little Green Car”.
2014/03/ 2014 Mille Miglia Storica in Italy - Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa participation.
2013/07/30 Beaded Edge Tyres In The Modern World by John EL Bramma
2013 Triumph Sports Cars by Albert de Vos
2011/05/16 Left hand drive vehicles in South Africa
2011/04/14 Report requesting dispensation on left hand drive vehicles
2011 The Madness Continues - Fitting an A type Overdrive Gearbox to a TR2 (including upgrading of electrics) by David Patten
2007/03/ There‘s a Triumph on my Stoep TR2 Rebuild by David Patten
History of the Triumph Motor Company
Story of the Car Radio
350 Mercedes Benz Specs
Terry Murphy TR7 engine conversion
Spares, the early days
Down Memory Lane - All because of a Triumph
Autonomous and electric powered cars
Ken Wharton anecdote
Lewis Goggles
Marcello Gandini
Some interesting facts about Borrani Wheels
Triumph Herald anecdote
3D Printing and Classic Cars
Maintaining a Triumph TR7
Motoring in the United States of America
Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa, Johannesburg.

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